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  1. pretty fucking awesome video. for some reason I picture that's like michael stipe on the tv... i've got a couple of tracks that are nearly done and i've had to exercise extreme restraint in not showing them here but YA is crowded enough right now and I'd hate to add to the clutter so i'll wait till i'm done with this "album" i'm working on now... besides every time i think i'm done... i'm not... it's actually great. some things are coming more easily than others but i think i've got a good new direction.
  2. cuz you're feral None of these songs took more than a week's worth of time to complete so I kinda felt that the immediacy with which I was finishing them kinda meant I should put them out like that. They seemed incredibly complete, something i've never experienced; it usually takes me forever to convince myself that I'm done and it's kinda like with these i just hit a certain point and I new there was nothing left to do so I wanted to put them out like that. Flylo was an influence on these and some hip hop and DJ Shadow informed the drumming. as always radiohead's a huge influenc
  3. in limbo i'm pretty sure i've heard in a live recording. I heard paperbag when I saw atoms for peace live. Pearly is in Meeting people is easy. I would KILL to hear amazing sounds of orgy live. and i'd give up a klondike bar for polyethylene.
  4. there are so many flaws with their ten point scale. that aside, not giving this album best new music was also pretty low. They're giving a higher value to their "image" (which I think they're trying to dismiss the RH loving image) than they are to some kind of proper review.
  5. incredible movie. seen it too many times already. also, read the books like 3 times through
  6. ____________ __ /-------------- /_ ___ / / / /------- / / --- __/ /_ /--------------- / / ____ __/_ __/__ __ /\__ ____ /-------------- / /__ \ / / / / / \ / / // __ \ /___ \ /------------------------ / ___/ / / / / / / / / / // / \/____/ / /=================== / / / / / / / / / / / // / / __ / /---------- / / / \/ /_/ / / \/ // / / /_/ / /--------------- ____/ \_____|\_/ \_____|_/ \___._\ /---------- http://georgewoskob.com/fut
  7. you have my second song right? I'd like to have that one on the compilation if that's cool.
  8. http://georgewoskob.com/gesb.html new music. this time it's collabs i've done.
  9. hey thanks panic office and fanny and congrats ruffa on a job well done. yeah that was my band from two years ago and that was a recording of a rehearsal of us doing a NA cover. I had a horn part scored and we ran through it once or twice with horns but it got wayyyy too complicated. and yeah, our drummer was soooooo sick. he's gonna go places as a drummer.
  10. Thanks Fanny. Poignant is an awesome way to describe the song. Thanks! Your comments are so reassuring. many thanks. I'm glad you think the guitars are crisp. that's def what I was going for and it took a while for it to sound right.
  11. you can't play with distance from the mic with a headset. you always see ed howling like 2 feet from the mic.
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