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  1. there are just some parts that can be refined, in my opinion it's a very good start though... i like it kill zack dead
  2. *french accent* ahhhhhhh paris not bad work on it some more and go get a kill zack dead sig while you're at it
  3. oh yeah i WAS going to originally say "ok yeah... i'm listening to it right now... just kidding stupid" burn?
  4. oh you need to wait for 2 seconds after that whoosh sound is finished on the bends on the first track then go sorry i forgot to mention it i will call it the bends 2 because of the 2 second thing my stupid wannabe indie friends will think i rule for finding this out i will get mad props oh shit... i'm gonna blog it
  5. i played one album on media player and one album on winamp and then recorded now i have it burnt to a cd in my car its so cool it must be how the artists wanted it to be heard
  6. after reading the first word of your post i am inclined to say stfu noob wrong forum
  7. your MOM was trying to tell him something
  8. why are you surprised? did you even listen to them? it's honest feedback i guess i should have just brown nosed him though
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