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  1. who are you talking 'bout, kafka
  2. man, i so dearly adore that grass you pictured! english fields; and the autumn, no less freshening than an icecold winter no! those colours i like best
  3. did you just go hiking in some place?
  4. those dead birds ones are really touching. amazing work
  5. know your place, know your grape stands out for me at the moment. perhaps it has a logical cause, for it is surely the most catchy song of the five. the fall deserves some more of my attention
  6. really awesome on first listen due to my exhaustion i have not really been able to formulate a proper wording as to how it affected me etc. later, then
  7. when will we be able to hear it?
  8. I might soon go to an Expressionist exposition. Primarily Die Brücke works, though not sure (well ofcourse most likely)
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