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  1. ...and I will be left with no outlet (bar the Piranhas lurking on Reddit and elsewhere), here's five songs I did - unfinished. You might like one, you might like none, but still better than most stuff you'll here on the
  2. Manchester was good. Wish I got in the front bit though. How did people end up there?
  3. imo Waters comes off worst in this whole thing by signing off his letter with 'Restiamo umani'.
  4. I had tickets to Manchester Arena. Then when I heard about the change to venue I called up to find out what was happening and they fucking cancelled my tickets whilst I was on the phone! I mean, they weren't cancelled when I called but somehow the person on the phone understood "he wants to cancel" from "what's happening to my tickets?" Been trying to get Radiohead tickets for so long and when I finally get two I lose them through some RETARDED mis-communication.
  5. Any London tickets would be good. I have nothing to trade but money though :/
  6. Sorry, just to make sure I git this right. Tickets are being sold through Waste like presale, but on a bunch of ticket websites. And it's at 9am??
  7. Can someone tell me what time tickets go on sale tomorrow???? Is it 10 like the presale? (I'm in the UK) And are the tickets sold through Waste?
  8. Finally downloaded the free trial of Ableton the other day and bought an interface and mic this week (thanks to advice from a couple of posters on another thread too). Wrote some lyrics a couple of weeks back in the morning before work. Here's my first recording on Ableton. I recorded the guitar and voice once, a couple of hours ago, so it really is a rough copy. Had to record my voice under my duvet like a child. It's by no means complete, but I think this has potential once I spend some time on it (Apologies if this should be posted elsewhere) https://soundcloud.com/user338456116/night-s
  9. Thanks again. Just need to try and work out Ableton now.....
  10. I bought the Focusrite. Do I just need to plug the Focusrite into the laptop using a USB cable, and then plug the guitar into the Focusrite? Or am I missing some kind of cable?
  11. Someone mentioned a fender slide. Is this the same kinda thing but cheaper do you know?
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