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  1. How do you envision this song in a music video? I imagine a night setting with Thom riding a horse in a really hazy background, and the horses are Arabian, and there is this giant moon in the setting and everything is lit by moonlight.
  2. I always wonder what people are searching when they're "Searching Forums".
  3. I always type something extremely long, realize I went way off track, and delete the entire thing. I've done that well over 100 posts worth now.
  4. hahahaha couldn't have put it better myself
  5. I didn't post in Gen Chat until about 400 posts in. I didn't dare beforehand cause I thought you'd all eat me.
  6. Yeah I thought soo too. But I love their little "thing" that they do towards the end, they each leave the stage one by one. So clever.
  7. Because I check profiles profusely, I've noticed that when a person looks at a thread too long, or when they have remained idle for a long period of time, they're not on MT anymore. Minutes later their name will disappear from the bottom. More guests read more Off-Topic discussion than RH. (from my observations) Some users (mainly noobs) only post in RH Forums. Some users don't post in General Chat at all, or very seldomly. Jonathan, Dylan and Roger are the only Mods who appear online when they're online. Some users have been here longer and have less posts than newer poste
  8. Best fucking song of my life. I think its the song that really solidified my obsession with Radiohead. The beginning of it is the best Radiohead opener of all time. Thom's voice is so mesmerizing and sexy.
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