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  1. I'm not making fun out of people trying to learn my language.
  2. It's a parody of loads of videos on youtube trying to teach English. Have a look for some real ones.
  3. Yeah you're right, what's the point? Some things are best kept to your self, so I'm a language fascist.
  4. In what way am I fucked? I don't care.
  5. Topple

    Performance art

    Yeah like that, yeah exactly like that yeah... dick. I don't blame you though performance art can be really fucking pretentious and full of wanky drama cunts.
  6. I'm bitter that my English nationality seems to be a hindrance on my ability to teach English, and that my employer asks me to 'tone down my English accent.' I just find American English slightly annoying and lazy. Why does it have to be changed so much? Why does America have to be so bloody pretentious about everything? By the way, I like a lot of American popular culture and I don't hate Americans, but I do hate a lot of things about America, and Korea seems to epitomize a lot of the things that annoy me. I just wanted to see what people here would think about the video and ma
  7. I do quite a lot of performance art now. Anyone else dabble in this? Here's some links to documentation: http://www.newworknetwork.org.uk/userinfo.php?uid=1957 Das SCHIMMEL Projekt: www.myspace.com/dassacreddasschimmelhoodofthyworthydasschimmelx3
  8. Cheers It's about a Korean girl from Seoul who feels like an alien in her own country.
  9. Quite unnecessarily so in some cases... I can't be bothered to argue, there's much more constructive and pleasant things to do. with my time.
  10. I'll check it out properly later. Teaching English as a foreign language in Korea is really fascinating, there's all kinds of stuff like this everywhere. I've never really thought about the English language that much until I came here.
  11. I'm now a successful artist, well as far as the life of the tortured artist goes anyway. I haven't written any poetry for ages, I used to put quite a bit on here but eventually I used it all for a performance where I got really drunk and read it in one of my monoprint drawing installation environments with a dead-pan self mocking manner before I plunged each piece into a shredder and smashed the fuck out of an old love mix tape from an ex who caused most of what I coined 'my romance of self-loathing.' If anyone who used to come on here when I did and is still interested or if any others are
  12. You're missing out! Of course if you're American you might see it as borderline racism but then maybe your country shouldn't have raped the fuck out of our language like it was some kind of natural resource. "Wait you know what, I'm pretty sure, this word is spelt (sorry I ment spelled) wrong, in fact I'm possitive (sorry I ment positive), let's get rid of the 'u' there's no need in it. Now lets sell it arround (sorry I ment around) the world to smaller economies with the false hope of them getting a piece of the American pie."
  13. They're not really free English lessons, it's a parody, go on watch it.
  14. Free English lessons! Part 1: Part 2:
  15. No the project is mainly web or postal based. It's still in very early stages at the moment so we're not sure exactly where it's going to go yet, we've only done the street canvassing for it once as part of an art event along Oxford Street London called Subliminal Seduction, so the people that signed up there is the only data we have to work with at the moment, I thought it would be easier to find some more people by using the internet too, and I remeber that people at MT are very creative.
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