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  1. mooks


  2. mooks


    wrong linK! https://soundcloud.com/redvoltur/vc-1
  3. mooks


  4. mooks


    i got a better idea: ban tmonk ban em
  5. mooks


    this is my new band volturz. i sing, write some songs, and my buddy and i switch between keys/drum machine and lead guitar. here's a gig we did 9/21 and it's actually a p sweet recording https://soundcloud.com/jayson-harris-47854278/volturz-best-skateboarderworst-boyfriend
  6. recordin iz breeze bricks recorded their album in 1 day. six tracks, 13 takes, six hours. 1 day of mixing, took 3.5 hours. i should master it tho
  7. mooks

    GP update

    this thread has become a banner for facism
  8. mooks

    GP update

    in case you missed it, greenplastic.com has been updated. for more details, http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/115862-gp-update/
  9. hahahahahahahaaa i wish we still had church of ack
  10. here kafka this is the final version https://soundcloud.com/tommy-praisewater/these-days
  11. recorded this last night using just a little casio mt-500 keyboard https://soundcloud.com/tommy-praisewater/these-days
  12. between my two bands, i have practice and a show 6 nights this week. thats cool!
  13. mooks

    the bricks

    you can listen to the whole album on there its p good my personal fav is born to lose
  14. mooks

    the bricks

    my band the bricks recorded some track last weekend and here is one of them https://thebricksportland.bandcamp.com/track/grocery-list
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