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  1. up all night, feeling like ive been pranked, please, on sale, soooooon
  2. i havent commented here in quite some time, but did anybody else notice jonny playing the goldtop les paul almost exclusively? he used the starcaster on the usuals like pyramid song, but his tele's were nowhere to be seen.....curious
  3. sat third row center tonight. i truly think mauro refosco should sit in with radiohead for a show, jesus. the rhythm section was unreal, cant wait til tomorrow
  4. videotape, i miss the old version
  5. and which ones?? me: 8 1. Coachella 2. Boston Pre In Rainbows Night 1 3. Boston Pre In Rainbows Night 2 4. Bonnaroo 5. Outside Lands 6. Hollywood Bowl Night 2 this past Tour 7. THE SANTA BARBARA BOWL PIT!! 8. Mexico City Night 1 i have been very fortunate to go to these, SB and Bonnaroo were the two best nights of my life so far
  6. i dont see the fuss. last time they played mexico it was their largest hit to date, so its a bit of an ode to that time period. I saw it at coachella and it was great, i was at mexico city night one and it was an incredible crowd, i wish i had gone both nights to see the reaction, plus night two set list was incredible. id be perfectly happy to see them play Creep again. in the end, its what they want to play that matters right??
  7. seeing as this is a radiohead thread. has no one heard the national anthem.....shhhh...is that a sax i hear??? why yes it is.
  8. for sure: Pro Tools and Logic Jonny uses Max/MSP for processing and most likely creating patches.
  9. 1. There There 2. Reckoner 3. Nice Dream 5. Optimistic 6. The Bends 7. Climbing Up The Walls 8. Let Down 9. How To Disappear Completely 10. 2+2 = 5 11. Pyramid Song 12. Go To Sleep 13. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 14. No Surprises 15. Kid A 16. Pearly 17. Gagging Order 18. Like Spinning Plates 19.Karma Police 20. Paranoid Android 21. Banana Co 22. Morning Bell 23. All I Need 24. Dollars And Cents 25. Just
  10. anyone know where i can get tickets for mexico city. The ticket sale got me thinking about saying screw it and make the trip. now ive decided i want to try, but much too late. now im looking for tickets. any idea? ive only found 2 pairs on ebay and the auctions dont end for 6 more days. HELP!
  11. come on. give it a go http://radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=1046
  12. ok figured it out. was trying to upload a .m4a. check it out folks. let me know what you think http://radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=1046 http://www.myspace.com/smssound
  13. finished mine. but i cant upload for some reason. i hit upload after choosing the file and filling out all the info but nothing happens. ive tried both in firefox and safari. anyone?
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