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  1. amazing sounds of orgy is actually one of the creepiest things they've produced
  2. quote is fake news is real this will be an odd collaboration i can't tell whether it will be good or crap
  3. agreed with bailey, those two shouldn't be on the list. also, i like analyse
  4. The crowd was even worse where I was sitting - granted, I was shunted off to the side of the amphitheater. But the people next to me were using binocs despite the fact that we were in section 115 - about as far away as the box seats. Cunts. Anyhow, the more I reflect on this concert, the more it seems the polar opposite of my experience at the Jun 25 Vic Park show. No moshing, no drunken singalongs competing with Thom. A good balance of tracks from all their albums - I appreciated the emphasis on Kid A - as opposed to Vic Park's stew of singles, rockers and tracks from IR. This was
  5. That matches up with what I saw. Felt longer than 25 songs somehow. Also, Best. Concert. Ever.
  6. I've got a Colin, who's better than that - /ot He was quite a lot of fun at the Vic Park show on the 25th. At one point he and Thom cracked each other up. His bass prowess is also clearly displayed on all the new songs. Definitely one of the more underrated members of the band.
  7. Article is good for the pictures, but there were way too many bands from the 90s and not enough from the 80s and 00s... there were plenty of annoying frontmen in both those times.
  8. I don't like Planet Telex on the album, but I saw the videos of it from this tour and it made me want to see it live. I'm much more peeved about probably not getting Morning Bell, Talk Show Host and Just, however. They better play Climbing Up The Walls or Fake Plastic Trees to make up for that.
  9. I'm looking forward to being there, and sincerely hoping that Vancouver doesn't steal all the best songs - they already have Talk Show Host...
  10. Seriously? DAMN Vancouver for getting Talk Show Host instead of Seattle.
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