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  1. guess I missed the submission deadline. bummer.
  2. holy mother of god bloom and lotus flower are amazing live!
  3. If OK Computer was a human teenager he'd start smoking pot and listening to OK Computer right about now...
  4. hot damn... that Kettu track is terrific. Reminds me of The National in the best possible way.
  5. wow guys. i'm in awe here! I was listening to the Athalon012 track, and I loved it so much, that I put in my vote right away, thinking, well there's absolutely nothing that will top that right now. And then i heard the gordx song...FUCK ME THAT'S GOOD! Changed my vote! guys. i wish I could have voted for both of you.
  6. awww. thanks man. that was really sweet. Where's the hug emoticon when you need one. Too bad you aren't coming to chicago. The light switch just came on this week. We'll be the best city on the planet for the next 4 weeks.
  7. what I man is, while most music gets enhanced in the zone (not all, most) there's music that was clearly written FOR for the zone. It was written with more of en emphasis on how it will sound while tripping than how it will sound while sober. I think many of their songs, fitter happier, the gloaming, Climing up the walls, EIIRP, like spinning plates... clearly written with "sober listening" being an afterthought. I think that's a major qualifier in what makes a band (at least in part) psychedelic. I've had many arguments with people where I say... look, there's no way Radiohead didn't write th
  8. I can get behind that. Labels are silly. But I guess I just wanted to make the point that the band fully understands, and intentionally makes music which is to be experienced from within "the zone"
  9. This is ridiculous. If the band sends you blotter paper with their album, it's a pretty strong indication that THEY consider themselves psychedelic.
  10. I remember when I first got to the MT I immediately got into a flame-war with somebody about whether Radiohead should be considered a psychedelic band...and I think that person thought they won the argument. I think that person is currently an admin... I wonder what that person has to say now, having been shipped blotter paper with TKOL.
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