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  1. there's another new song on the mindwater soundcloud, so have a listen if you're feeling up to it
  2. these are some cathy tunes. the last one is a hoedown and a half
  3. man thats ounds kinda cool at least record a couple songs with that. work with it, get that unpredictable sound you've always wanted.
  4. man and here i was thinkin ok televison was the new cool kid on the block.
  5. this whole thing is really well put together.
  6. i like the keyboard parts a lot. we should play a show together once i get things goin in portland.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?yzyjwt0umaj lots of special guests, my last show in charleston, etc i think it's a pretty damn good recording 1. Stewart Johnson 2. Round The Round 3. Tonight I'm Staying Here With You 4. Pack Your Love And Go 5. Always Room 6. Love Me Or Leave Me 7. Oceans In The Sand 8. Better Off 9. Strange 10. The Lie 11. Through The Fight 12. This Way/Don't Sit Down 13. It Gets Real 14. Missin Out 15. Bad Moon Rising 16. Chris Baur 17. Be The One 18. Flesh And Bone 19. The Return Of Stewart 20. We Both Know
  8. he had it on under another shirt and took it off for the last song, which was a bf cover
  9. finished another song. the last few i've done have all had the same feeling, i think. they all sound different technically, but they all deliver a similar punch.
  10. yeah i've heard people say good things about that senheihser. i've always loved sm57's.
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