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  1. dont get an acoustic if you cant play it properly, its sad how some of the people here saw it as a party thing or as an accesory to be cool. shame on most of the people here.
  2. long time not seeing topple & all i can say is that i missed his work.
  3. heights!!!! for fucking gods sake, heights!!!!!!
  4. http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/images/_0581.jpg less then 150cms, i believe.
  5. henning is rich, he would never wear something he found in the middle of the forest.
  6. great song till you learn jonnys part.
  7. fog, not piano version obviously & you & whose army.
  8. e------- B-8--3-- G-8--3-- D-0--0-- A-x--x-- E-8--3-- have yourself a good time with those chords
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