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  1. Yo check out this saucy ass motherfucker
  2. So it's settled. Radiohead is a psychedelic band if you're tripping while listening to them.
  3. But only in a few threads and there are only a few instigators.
  4. See, this threads like this is why I can't come near GRT anymore.
  5. This is quite possibly the most inane thread created so far this year.
  6. I live in dinkytown, and seeing as it'll be a schoo lday for the u it might be less busy.
  7. IS IT NOT THAT, CLAIRE? no ihggy that sucks hope yr radiohead gear sells for a million dollars
  8. Prett sure that still exists too, but I'm a smart phone at some airport in kentucky so I can't show you where
  9. Fuck I'm in korea, shoulda flown over and I could report back to you guys.
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