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  1. I like the implied wave of sound eminating as part of the logo. Oh, and Liffey, they're a drone band, which is a more tolerable genre of music as far as noise levels are concerned.
  2. I think MT is a comparatively better messageboard than most (and I've been a member of several other boards prior to posting here). I feel as if I've truly made some friends here that I'll likely meet in the near future (as soon as I leave for college), and if not, it's been interesting conversing with the lot of you. Sure, we either reject new people some times or it takes time for new posters to become familiar with people here, but that is often true of social circles in our society, and I had to go through the experience myself when I first joined, as has the rest of the board.
  3. Lately, I've been busy with school/cricket/mun. I'll probably post more over the next few weeks or so.
  4. Haven't seen you of late. Or any of the other MT'ers for that matter.
  5. Yeah, I'm sorry about that. When Holle left, she asked me to take all of her pictures down and due to the problem with post lengths, I just decided to delete them all since Anna is making a new thread, anyway.
  6. You've got a setting on that makes it so that when ever you get a PM, you get an e-mail notifying you of it.
  7. Perhaps. I don't know how she's going about it, but I know that the html is a bitch when you finally do it.
  8. Alright, I've decided I'll update this thread. Anyone that wants pages that aren't in the What Do You Look Like? thread should pm them to me.
  9. Eh, I've decided that while I really don't like Christianity, some people really do need it. So I guess I can criticize it less, although seeing the radicals on the Daily Show this morning reminded me of why organized religion generally pisses me off.
  10. Are you sure it isn't just the board provider they're using now?
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