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  1. Flylo, Holly Herndon, Jacques Greene, many electronic artists they’ve worked with or praised are embracing NFTs. Radiohead seem to be in a post-ideology mode where they do what they want regardless of ethics. They wouldn’t be the first artist branded as environmentalists to drop art with the carbon footprint of a tar sands field. It would be an obvious fit with the Kid A era to do a reissue in that form.
  2. Not sure how this will make everyone feel but after checking discogs, prices of Radiohead “rare” stuff (apart from the IR discbox and TKOL newspaper which were, I guess, more limited quantities) have def been going down in recent years. A bare bones CD from Frank Ocean goes for $750, a Radiohead special edition in like-new condition is still $20.
  3. Last year I thought the Radiohead “library” announcement was going to be a prelude to an all encompassing (though, this being Radiohead, certainly not free) digital reissue of the complete Kid A and Amnesiac sessions, like a more capitalistic take on Fugazi’s live archive. Vinyl is a terrible format for reissues, but even CDs are not ideal to document hours and hours of work in progress. Kid A in particular may be the first major artist’s album that was first experienced by many of its listeners in digital form (albeit a leak of mp3s that weren’t quite legal, but the band did enthusiastically
  4. OKNOTOK’s one useful feature (apart from grabbing wads of cash) was that it collected the b-sides in one place, but EMI had already done that in their 2009 reissue Radiohead threw a tantrum over, and subsequently forced out of print. That reissue’s b-side disc (although I never owned it, and personally listen to the also out-of-print Airbag EP if I want to hear that stuff) also had the benefit of not starting with I Promise, which has nothing to do with OK Computer, and would be maybe the 9th or 10th best song on a Coldplay record. Amnesiac’s 2009 reissue, I do have, and it’s hard to imag
  5. https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1Sv41157GX
  6. The streaming site bilibili had a lot of the Worthy Farm performances soon after the event, including the Smile (and PJ Harvey’s poems, which I linked in another thread here). I’m not sure if these are still up, but being China based, it could be less subject to takedown orders from the UK.
  7. Po Pad > Dogwander > anything by The Smile
  8. Israel has a hell of a lot of problems but its existence is more legitimate than the first two entities. Radiohead were never subjected to a Holocaust, they were never the “outsiders” their branding portrayed them as. Penny is just nondescript and noncommittal. I did see a really funny post on reddit where a user asked for recs of music with similar vibes to the guitar line of I Might Be Wrong and a bunch of other blues inspired tunes, and asked very sincerely what genre this falls into, and was recommended “Krautrock” by 30 people with no one even mentioning blues lmao.
  9. 759 tonight (1959 British time) the Fred voice will explain on tiktok how to implement communism because settler colonialism is not a vibe
  10. The first track on the album, the band's fifth, is an upbeat song called “🅿️☣️ 🅿️🅰️♌️," O'Brien said.
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