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  1. No they pulled the songs from iTunes years ago, around 2015-6 when the back catalog was purchased by XL from EMI’s successor company. These tracks were removed because they were part of the 2009-10 reissue series that was not approved by Radiohead, but like the 2008 greatest hits, was released by EMI after they left the label in 2007. Most of the songs on the 2009 Amnesiac reissue are simply the b-sides of Amnesiac, which continued to be available. But the Canal Plus live tracks were only ever officially released as part of that EMI reissue the band didn’t approve—so those particular tracks di
  2. Amnesiac is definitely getting a reissue soon. I got the deluxe version on iTunes and then after they left EMI for years many of the bonus tracks like the live Canal Plus versions disappeared from my library. (The actual album and the b-sides did not, because the band kept those available via singles/EPs.) In recent months these live tracks reappeared randomly in my library. They’re unplayable like any upcoming release, but it shows Radiohead have submitted some new version of Amnesiac where these versions are going to be included in iTunes again. I think it’s rare to see tracks disa
  3. Ok so Dawn Chorus, the other was Impossible Knots. So many Animas exist besides Thom’s, Francesca Belmonte made one, Sufjan’s Ascension reminded me of the feel of Anima when I re listened recently. I don’t love that album but it has raw and devastating lyrics to complement the meandering beats, I was moved by it, whereas most of Thom’s solo work lately hasn’t hit me that way, feels more like “I am now being dystopian, can I get my BNM again” rather than “I had to say this shit, I don’t care if the sound is a little underdeveloped and corny.” Thom’s Anima rarely felt like it had any strong impu
  4. TKOL is I guess kind of new age, also their ‘90s albums are adjacent to metal and In Rainbows (and Separator and Present Tense) have a sophistipop feel at times and there’s rap style vocals in Amnesiac and HTTT and hip hop production influences in all of their albums since OKC and country in Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry and all their more recent Neil Young influenced songs like Desert Island Disk, Codex and Give Up the Ghost... so it’s just that they haven’t fully committed to exploring these genres but (with the exception of rap and country where they’d be viewed as inauthentic due to the
  5. It’s strange how many wildly different environments we can associate Amnesiac with, and I think when it feels natural to listen to something in any setting or weather (something I definitely don’t feel with Kid A or OK Computer) it’s a sign of a really good album. On another forum in the 2000s for whatever reason there were a bunch of people obsessed with going for autumn walks in the woods while listening to Amnesiac. For me, it’s much more associated with bright, almost nauseous midafternoon summer or tropical sunlight and hard, artificial, urban or fairly dense suburban, perhaps wet surface
  6. For better or worse the album isn’t at all ambient (Santa Teresa was not even included). It’s more like ‘90s style alternative rock, so you get crunchy grungy riffs and softer folkie moments all with a fussy and ethereal Eno/Lanois inspired production. There are a couple of dutiful and dated dance beats as well, so it’s a slightly more electronic Bends in its soundscape.
  7. https://ra.co/podcast/760
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/08/european-touring-radiohead-brexit-colin-greenwood Seems like a convincing argument and The Guardian is an improvement on his usual, The Spectator. I can’t figure out why Colin ever wrote for them if he feels so strongly opposed to Conservative Party policies, as they’re the Tories’ official magazine, and editing the Spectator served as a career launch for many future party leaders like Johnson and Cameron...
  9. Sophistipop can be expanded to include City pop and ‘80s post disco funk pop/R&B pop styles
  10. She hasn’t slowed down any more than Radiohead in terms of release schedule though. If anything she’s flooding the market right now with reissues of every album’s demos at the same time. Hope Six was very underrated, I think it’s one of her best albums musically, much better than Let England Shake, although both have a few lyrics that don’t work (Medicinals is a fucking disaster). I’ve been relistening to a lot of the older stuff and I especially love A Woman a Man Walked By and Is This Desire.
  11. Yeah it’s weird how rarely they seem to come up in discussions of “best bands.” You even see Massive Attack come up in those discussions and they were never a band at all. Sade maintained the same lineup for decades.
  12. Sade is better than both but they only made one album in the ‘90s and for mysterious reasons they are seen as an R&B solo artist rather than an indie “guitar band” even though almost all their stuff has guitar.
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