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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz6sp Colin should replace Jonny on twitter... altho it’s weird he never heard of Greg Phillinganes and calls him Phil
  2. Ok so I rewatched Totoro for the first time since 2007. It was the last movie I watched before the release of In Rainbows, so it already has a Radiohead association... and this time I noticed a resemblance between one music cue (the end of the track labeled as Not Afraid in the US soundtrack release that’s currently on streaming services) with the piano part of Daydreaming, and also with Defeatist Anthem. I think both artists were copying from Joe Hisaishi. The plot of the mom in the hospital resonates with what was going on in Thom and his kids’ life at the time too, so they may have been int
  3. Hmm there was this guy on Atease who also underlined a lot of stuff. Radiohead brings out the underlining tendencies in people. I can just imagine how tasty an obsessive underliner would be to a bear.
  4. I don’t understand the idea of going to a remote trail in a place like Yellowstone and wanting to hear the sounds of birds and waterfalls covered up by Thom Yorke’s familiar moaning. I love listening to music (including TKOL) on suburban and urban trails where the main thing I’d hear if I took out the headphones is the conversations of other people on the trail, in those cases music actually makes me feel more deeply appreciative of nature than if my soundtrack was the Joneses comparing the models of their Teslas or debating politics (to be fair I long since stopped taking the headphones out,
  5. The more I think about it the more fucked up it is that Jonny of all people is endorsing this idea that it’s misogynist to even have unisex bathrooms, something the quintessential unreconstructed macho rock star Springsteen endorsed (to the point of even canceling a tour in NC and incurring financial losses) half a decade ago. What’s misogynist is the way Radiohead’s rep as “important prophetic political voices” or even for some ultra sheltered, non-rock-aware people, “the one rock artist who is politically prophetic” seems to remain intact through the ages no matter how fucking right wing, mi
  6. And this is fucked up when we consider just how much Radiohead and Jonny in particular has often drawn from Arabic music as an influence in his arrangements, as well as the credit Radiohead reaped for being “politically relevant,” with Hail to the Thief and even the vague ass Burn the Witch. BTW was never some kind of anti-racist song, as the band cleverly presented it in 2016 (using Nina Simone to introduce it, asking POC animators to speak on the video and try to draw parallels with Brexit) but at this point given that it’s basically Jonny’s song in the studio version (and one of the few RH
  7. It sucks because Thom has become such a mediocre solo artist as well as being a huge hypocrite by even his own admission, whereas Jonny has kept a low political profile till now and is consistently pleasing to listen to (if not the innovator some think he is, because they never heard Messiaen, Penderecki, Takemitsu, Debussy and Ravel) but there’s a line Jonny is crossing and I don’t think it’s fair to continue seeing him as apolitical. Thom’s weirdly worded defenses of playing in Israel a few years ago also gave a lot of people including myself an inaccurate idea of Jonny’s family, making
  8. Thom: #TheShowMustBePaused Jonny and fam: Hold my beer, today’s biggest injustice is the “censorship” of 50 year old TV episodes with racist jokes.
  9. Jonny’s wife liked this tweet: I can only imagine what the vibe is like at Radiohead family get togethers. Maybe Thom and Ed are secretly on the same page and they just pretend to be more left wing on social media and interviews to make their music seem youthful and generate more streams?
  10. “Glenn Gould” was Jonny all along. Jonny liked this: This guy is an all purpose bigot btw. His recent tweets are praising Tucker Carlson and lamenting the loss of racist statues. The tweet Jonny liked isn’t even that popular. If Jonny liked the original JK Rowling tweets, that would make more sense (I guess... I mean only because those were popular and Jonny had worked on a Rowling project in 2005). But how would Jonny even find and see that other person’s tweets let alone like them? Jonny’s wife is a Tory and Trump supporter, and Jonny seems to share her views. I’m happy about
  11. yeah but that only ever happens on /r/popheads 🦄
  12. Ed's house in his Earth making of video reminded me of the Parasite one and the rich pianist's house in La teta asustada.
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