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  1. sorry for fouling up your thread janel i did not mean to but i guess i just have a particular penchant for subconsciously doing as much.
  2. no i am legit unsure as to how boring / Adult i've become in the past year or so
  3. while we're off-topic vivi pls critique my posting of the last year or so
  4. god that sounded so callow like HAW HAW I APPRECIATE THE EFFORT like no i appreciate it as an aesthetic piece that you put yourself into given the fact that i'm a knucklehead
  5. i appreciate it but can't help but feel like i strike you as artless
  6. there was a fox that used to hang out behind the library on campus. might still, but i don't go there anymore so i can't confirm. you could catch it at night if you were lucky
  7. really dig that one, at the very least for how you can see it starting off into tired areas but then you pull it back w imagery of / comparisons to baseballs and pretzels and sandwiches, but it's good all the same the stanza about hands & eyes totally reminds me of pamphleteer, ha
  8. try your best not to copy and paste from the catcher in the rye, as tempting and apropos as it may seem
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