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  1. this is great. wish I had your ability with the software/instruments. love the harmonica on have a day off
  2. Thoughts (i'm not a bot, this has been discussed and concluded before)? https://soundcloud.com/user-4061350/thoughts-of-a-loner
  3. Thanks for listening. I've removed the keyboard now - apart from at the end. I agree it didn't really work.
  4. Yeh, the keyboard i added at the last minute because I felt it was too bare otherwise. But I agree, especially the first part with the keyboard
  5. Listened to 3/4 tracks, Really good. Nice to hear something uptodate too
  6. Ah ye. Although robots are smart these days. Far smarter than you or me. A Chevy chase related robot username is probably more likely. Anyway, what do you think of the track?
  7. Sorry, I took it down as the vocals were so loud it was jarring. Back up now, if you have the time. *although it's called quiet ones now
  8. If you're referring to me rather than Autocoders, i'm 100% human. Feel free to ask me a MT related question to verify me. *edit - despite that sentence sounding very much like a robot
  9. I don't want to take over this thread but I've added a new song to soundcloud - 'shadow figures'. Kafka, a bit better vocally? https://soundcloud.com/user-4061350
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