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  1. What if Clive, Phil and Stanley were in the same room....
  2. My initial thoughts: LOL what's a moonshaped pool; should've been called Identikit. Daydreaming should've been the closer, WTF true love waits and where its LIFT!? Current thoughts: There's nothing more Radiohead than the name "A Moon Shaped Pool", this album overall is amazing and now I have to re-rank my favorite Radiohead albums. Now if only one of the bonus track were possibly to be "Lift".
  3. Anyone can Play Guitar
  4. A Moon Shaped Pool for me its the same trier as In Rainbows.
  5. I once heard "high and dry" in a hispanic restaurant. Interesting choice.
  6. Henrietta Biggle as "Siouxie Sioux"
  7. GASP That explains the font; Chris Martin was behind it all.
  8. The true unpopular Radiohead opinion **SONG EDITION** Warning: butthurt inducing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbff8T-IpPc
  9. yes! I'm always looking for drawings of Crying minotaur/Modified bear
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