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  1. oh man :')))))))))))))) that's just wonderful. i don't blame you for taking your time to finish that! i'll be adding your work to the main gallery and feel free to catch up with everything else, btw, haha!
  2. haha, that's really cute/fun. what software did you use?
  3. trudat. well, i'll try to take a look around and see who's interested in doing something after xmas.
  4. dang, man. i'll consider that when i sort this week's gallery. i just updated the OP, btw. foppe, wanna play this week?
  5. i agree that it's pretty sad. the second panel looked even sadder in my original draft. i'm sorry! : / my working title for it was "adrift at night".
  6. rose that's sucha lovely drawing... gotta love their space capsules. what's the name of their planet?
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