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  1. I am assuming they will go anyways but give some kind of peace message during the show.
  2. damn, awesome photos. What camera do you use?
  3. Well I'm just excited to see them for the first time in my life. But yeah, I hope they play some of the classics too. I'll see you there maybe!
  4. has been my favourite RH song since the beginning
  5. Fruity loops or cubase would be good tbh. Not sure if cubase is free
  6. He got a new guitar after his guitar was stolen. And he added bunch of stuff to his new guitar, so that may be it. http://thekingofgear.com/jonny
  7. thanks guys! Nice to hear some good feedback. I'll be putting up an album consisting of 8 tracks in a week or so
  8. This is a new track. https://soundcloud.com/citizensofandromeda/material-emptiness/s-wxeWw
  9. i speculate that they have some unfinished songs that they will finish once they stop touring, maybe even play some of them later on live. It'd been a while they hadn't released anything, so they probably have songs worth of another album tbh
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