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  1. The sessions I've always wanted to hear are the Spike Stent sessions. I'd love to hear what they were initially going for with In Rainbows coz the live shows felt like they were going for something way less delicate than what we ended up with
  2. Where the hell are you guys listening to The Smile?
  3. I haven't listened to it because I was doing something when I found out about it and forgot until now. They are being notably quiet on Palestine which is disappointing but not surprising. Generally I can't be bothered to read 10 paragraph posts of any type but especially not really ones that are like "the band that we are all here because we like are actually bad just like everything else in the world"
  4. Yeah, Amnesiac flows well as an album but I find it quite sonically varied which isn't a bad thing but it does lose its sense of place, to me.
  5. Alla those posts are way too long for me to read the whole thing but Kid A still fuckin' owns. Radiohead totally could top it, they came close with In Rainbows, but I still like Kid A the most. It's the only one of their albums that takes me to a place that feels real. Listening to that album feels like you're in the environment you see on the box art, where every other Radiohead album feels like they're just cohesive collections of songs without the sense of place, to me
  6. They rejected Spotify at a time when it was becoming the essential place to listen to new music and I think that made them easy to forget about
  7. I know this gets said all the time, but when they announced this the first thought through my mind is they're archiving all their stuff before they officially split
  8. Nice, I'll listen later, I knew it was coming soon but didn't realise it was here yet
  9. I'm surprised how low it is tbh, last decade iirc Kid A was number 1, or at least top ten. Still, happy to see Blonde at number 1 and Rihanna's ANTI and Mitski's Puberty 2 rank highly
  10. I generally agree with this I think. There are definitely songs where the production and arrangement elevate them to that 11 tier for me, like Daydreaming and Glass Eyes, and I think Present Tense is just great anyway. But it's definitely a mood album rather than an album of great songs, and that mood is extremely sad. It doesn't help that it came out at a very difficult point in my life that I'm still not over so going back to it can genuinely be quite painful
  11. I keep forgetting this exists, it didn't really make much of an impression on me I guess, outside of Dawn Chorus (which is a song title we heard hears ago, right?)
  12. Real talk, now that a fair bit of time has passed, how likely are you to choose to listen to AMSP over other RH albums and why? Personally I love AMSP but I don't find it one I go back to often in part coz it ain't as snappy as In Rainbows and in part coz it's a very specific kind of sad I can't often deal with
  13. Yeah AMSP is great I don't think anyone said otherwise
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