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  1. Does anybody have a bootleg of the st louis show?
  2. take that http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/9153/screencapture1c.png
  3. I made this by mixing the instrumental gutg with the studio version. I prefered the electric clean guitar coming in earlier than the studio version so i made this.
  4. pulk revolving doors the gloaming feral kid a like spinning plates
  5. supposedly theyre gonna play come to your senses
  6. Hey guys so this is my first post. ive been over ateaseweb for a couple years but that site sucks ass...sort of... but i was wondering if anyone could PM me a 320 rip of the HTTT early mastered album? I would greatly appreciate it and its nice to shortly share my love for this band with you gentlemen.
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