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  1. Kid A is a way more cohesive album, everything flows perfectly. Amnesiac has some beautiful songs and Pyramid Song is possibly the best stand alone track on either album, but as an album it can sound a bit cobbled together. I think it’s really difficult to put on Kid A and not want to listen to the entire thing, there’s some gestalt psychology going on where I feel wrong if I don’t.
  2. I was at that gig, middle night of three in punchestown a few days after kid a was released. What a night. Kildare not Dublin though, Radiohead need to be more accurate with their archiving.
  3. For me it has slotted in behind In Rainbows, Kid A, and OKC in how much I listen. The mood is very specific alright, and isn’t good if you’re already feeling kind of untethered or maudlin.
  4. I made an album, if anyone is interested they can listen https://chainstore.bandcamp.com/releases
  5. the moisture from that table top is drip, drip, dripping on the floor the static from the radio is just hissing through my teeth the empty bottle holds sun light in its belly yarns have been spun like spider webs of depict for too long two men in the corner by the television look intently eye to eye I simply watch them passing time until a churlish young thing steps to me she’s unintentionally pretty but flawed beyond repair her eyes are curtains with starlight slits and her mouth is thin air she’s reproachful as she broaches the subject nearest to her mind ‘hey dog why are you barkin
  6. This is just the sort of shit that makes people vote for you
  7. Happy Philistine


    Head noddingly good, I approve
  8. Let’s get the situation clear; When put in perspective, there was never any real animosity when Josh created the original thread. The main elements of Holle’s argument claimed that contests such as these were immature, divisive and were primarily wrought to satisfy certain poster’s need for attention. Holle’s reaction to all of this was immature, it divided people and generated mass attention for herself. If she had merely wanted to voice her opinion she could have done so in the poster of the year thread and withdrew from that competition by way of protest. She did not do this becau
  9. Oh my, the Cindpire Strikes Back
  10. I've been working the night it's on for the last few weeks but I don't know if I'd have the balls to do it if I was off
  11. Happy Philistine, multi-instrumentalist, ghost writer, sky scraping rapper, beet poet, one chapter novelist, yesterdays hero, circus novelty act, sexual deviant, eloquent conversationalist, contortionist, extortionist, ninth trimester abortionist, trapeze artist, societal critique, champion of hide and go mother fucking seek your inner self in the back of the shopping aisle near the top shelf, self branded, niche marketed orientated, quiet observer, analytical journalist, sit down comedian, mime
  12. if you have a baby you should probably smother it don't rely on someone else to murder that shit or it will suck the teeths dry of those motherly tits that are sagging like baggy trousered misfits solo albums are the loneliest form of debased masterbation
  13. kemping has always been a banable offense, no? mmmmmm bananable
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