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  1. god you're all incredible at photography
  2. haha nah that was just the angle, not shy at all. that cow sprung toward me when i approached and i was totally scared (notwithstanding the fact she was tied to that tree)
  3. @ my cousin's areca nut farm
  4. the staten island one is great. i have only ever driven through staten island
  5. i'm getting a new band together down here in dc! i don't think we'll be able to complete songs by the deadline tho
  6. yeah rss excited to listen to these, will do later today!
  7. ok that video is indisputably a weird corner of the internet. i'm turning back. i'm going normcore from now on.
  8. it was a "badgermin" -- a theremin whose antenna skewered a badger taxidermy. truly horrific, the internet
  9. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/4977116622.html
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