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  1. Apparently people had really good luck using the ticketmaster automated ticket line 866-448-7489 too little too late now but might come in handy in the future
  2. got a ticket for monday in berkeley. wooooo. anyone have any luck?
  3. yea berkeley's sold out, I didn't get through either. better luck tomorrow at ten. there's already second hand tickets. motherfuckers
  4. awww yee. gonna try and score tickets for both nights. there's always cheapskate hill if that doesn't work out
  5. hi. i made this. love you https://cavepaintmusic.bandcamp.com/
  6. as overplayed as it's been on this tour, i still loved it to bits in person
  7. Waiting for them to start at outside lands. Pretty fucking excited
  8. fuck. it's as if theyd been playing it every show starting to get real hyped up for seeing them at outside lands
  9. the audio stream sounds pretty cool. would have been nice if they streamed that online but i guess that would have been against the purpose of it
  10. http://www.amoonshapedpool.com/livefrom/ anyone planning on checking this out?
  11. periscope jumping around has been tripping me out too
  12. Really good read. He makes them sound like whimsical cartoon characters. I really want to see that homemade machine he talks about Jonny tinkering with.
  13. that was a good watch. it's nuts that kid a and amnesiac came shortly after so much self doubt
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