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    Radiohead, Harry Potter, Jonny Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood... have I mentioned Jonny Greenwood?
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    Stalking Jonny
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    15 Step
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  1. Madness, I got the same from HMV for like 40p... XD it was in the clearance bin!
  2. And nobody knows about it? Nobody at all??? Seriously?
  3. Uh...hey, so I heard that Thom apparently said what is in my title to Jonny? At somem point last week? Not sure when, but anybody know anything about this? Videsos? Pictures? WHAT GIG WAS THIS WHEN WHY WHAT HOW???
  4. I can call him 'Tommy'.... XD I sent him my Music tutors FB and he says that! xD
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