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  1. That's the name of their debut album, I just listened to it, it's alright.
  2. Minotawr


    Thank you both I wasn't in a car though, oh no, not a car
  3. Minotawr


  4. You guys are a very opinionated bunch, it's a pity that you don't have the intellect to match.
  5. Don't worry, no one goes home empty handed
  6. Awesome, thanks for all the work you and the others put into this It was funbelievable!
  7. He's with me by the way. Forgive the seemingly impolite manner in which he joined the forum and left a link to his music without giving anything in return, it was I who suggested to him that he come here, as he's been showing his music around on Atease but finds that place to be less than stellar, for obvious reasons, so I thought he might like it here
  8. So, when will the BOTB 2011 Champion be crowned?
  9. I have no interest in 'art' anymore. All I care about is doing stuff that I like, and there's very little room for insecurity when it comes to wanton hedonism.
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