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  1. a while ago i remember hearing something about how in rainbows and ok computer are meant to be one album or something like that, and just realized that at 2:20 they both mention the number 15, climbing up the walls says 15 blows till youre mine and 15 steps says 15 steps then a sheer drop. I'm not saying that its intentional and that it is some clue to a puzzle or anything, i just find it really weird to have that just happen naturally
  2. the synths in this are ridiculously similar to the sound in lotus flower, i wonder if they sampled it and this one reminds me of bloom
  3. This is pretty weird, my friend made this after he found the idea on a forum somewhere, I thought they were trolling but I'm amazed that they seem to sync up, intentionally or not, especially how the transitions seem to line up really well pt1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmxfB9z7hIg pt2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCdZXq7qVX8
  4. i just found out today that sfumato is a word that translates to "gone up in smoke" and means having the ability to hold two paradoxical ideas in one's mind without difficulty. It's interesting to me that one of the vocal snippets in everything in its right place says "goes up in smoke", Its probably just a coincidence though
  5. well, i guess, but the bass in backdrifts is pretty similar to the one in like spnning plates, and the bass in feral reminds mef the one in myxomatosis
  6. bloom is really good, and applied the idea very well, but autechre also did it on the song vi scose poise, ithey both have a similar structure, the long clicky, super patterned intro, the bass note / synth that jumps out at you, theyve both got some seriously awesome polyrhythms and layers going on. does anyone else listen to autechre, its amazing how much radiohead has borrowed / stolen from them, which i have no problem with because theyre honest about it
  7. it makes a huge difference, Radiohead are just so intelligent, and talented, that if you were drunk, you would never understand the complex metaphors, symbols, rhythms, imagery, atmospheres etc..
  8. i think someone should look more into hail to the thief and the king of limbs, feral seems very similar to myxomatosis, like they used a lot of the same sounds/ideas in it. they both have an awesome bassline/sound in them
  9. how about you try playing like spinning plates really loud so the speaker distorts, amazing new connections await you. and does anyone else see that feral seeems to be built from myxomatosis, they share the same bass/synth sound, im too lazy to point out all the details, but it seems like tkol built on a whole lot of the ideas of httt
  10. its kinda weird how similar this cycle is to boards of canada's
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