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  1. Bloom is one of those songs for me. Especially the basement version.
  2. 10 dollar shipping to New York... Fuck off Thom.
  3. I don't like tough decisions. Which format should I download? Is there a reason to get one of the wavs as opposed to classic mp3?
  4. Why doesn't the CD come with an immediate download? I want to have a physical copy eventually, but I don't want to wait 6 weeks to hear the record. In order to hear it now and have the CD I'd have to buy it twice.
  5. kid a, street spirit, let down, exit music, lucky, how to disappear completely, there there, (first five songs on in rainbows), jigsaw falling into place
  6. Pablo Honey Best - You Worst - Prove Yourself The Bends Best - Nice Dream Worst - High and Dry Ok Computer Best - Let Down Worst - Karma Police Kid A Best - Kid A Worst - no Amnesiac Best - Pyramid Song Worst - I Might Be Wrong Hail to the Thief Best - There There Worst - The Gloaming In Rainbows Best - Boysnatchers Worst - Reckoner King of Limbs Best - Bloom Worst - Codex (When I say worst I mean least good)
  7. 1. Let Down 2. Weird Fishes 3. Kid A 4. Bodysnatchers 5. Airbag 6. There There 7. All I Need 8. Bloom 9. Paranoid Android 10. Jigsaw Falling into Place 11. Subterranean Homesick Alien 12. The National Anthem 13. The Tourist 14. Idioteque 15. 2+2=5 16. How to Disappear Completely 17. A Wolf at the Door 18. Myxomatosis 19. Pyramid Song 20. Videotape 21. 15 Step 22. Just 23. Staircase 24. Morning Bell 25. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box 26. These Are My Twisted Words 27. Exit Music 28. The Bends 29. Knives Out 30. Sail to the Moon 31. Where I End and You Beg
  8. So basically an orchestral piece that everyone knows wasn't all that great means more than 95% of radioheads output? (although i did really like the there will be blood soundtrack) If you are looking for a virtuoso yea Jonnys the better guitarist but Thom has more musical talent.
  9. 11 months later 1. Bloom 2. Lotus Flower 3. Separator 4. Morning Mr. Magpie 5. Feral 6. Little by Little 7. Give up the Ghost 8. Codex
  10. Ya you can hear a buzzing sound out of the right earphone and people fidgeting in the studio in the beginning of daily mail.
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