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    At the mo: TKOL, HttT and Amnesiac...
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    Solo Yorke, Bowie, Sufjan Stevens, Marc Almond, Nick Drake, Neil Young, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Mozart, Debussy...
  1. On first listen the album sounded a little "tinny" and insubstantial, but I remember thinking the same when I first heard both The Eraser and Amok and fortunately I turned out to be wrong each time. In the grand tradition of any Yorke-penned release most of the songs on TMB work their way under the skin after a few listens - and Thom's vocals are SO soulful here! Having said that, the melodies do tend to meander and are less structured than anything on the two aforementioned albums. I guess if I could liken TMB to any of Thom's earlier work it'd be Ingenue (but with an ethereal, Supercoll
  2. Not at all. At least, I might've thought you cracked in the head if I hadn't had a similar dream-state experience recently. I was listening to music through earphones when I fell asleep and dreamed of a giant, deity-like Thom Yorke who lifted me up and shared some words of wisdom with me. When I awoke, Lotus Flower was playing.
  3. Dear God, each time I think I've settled on a favourite another song gets stuck in my head. Unless is currently my standout anti-fave (though I do love its midsection) while Dropped somehow broke away and shot right up near the top.
  4. Hey, that's what I said in post above yours. Good to know I'm not just hearing things
  5. I have to say I totally disagree with your statement, at least as it pertains to Thom Yorke. Having just seen Radiohead at their Brisbane gig last week, I can honestly say that Thom's vocals veritably shone on the slower songs - and especially on those featuring a great deal of falsetto/head voice (such as Reckoner, Nude, and yes, even Lotus Flower for once.) Separator and YAWA were also fabulous! On the other hand, his vocals were much more 'iffy' when using his lower register, or on harder/rockier/faster songs (such as 15 Step, Myxo, Airbag, Idioteque etc.) Mind you, I thought he pul
  6. Sadly, the Rihanna duet comes close to being the highlight of that abysmal album.
  7. ^ Although I saw them in Brissie, your experience almost exactly mirrors my own... right down to the "slightly but not too hipsterish" crowd, confiscated bottle-caps and seats directly behind the floor area. I also concur about the light show, which hit its most spectacular during Paranoid Android. All in all, a pretty good night eh? ^ We were in allocated seating, however security at Brisbane's Boondal Entertainment Centre had no problem with me taking my camera into the venue, and (as it was raining quite heavily) there were umbrellas everywhere too. Weirdly, the only problem
  8. That's ALL you guys have to say?? We demand details!
  9. As you should be. Can't wait to hear your take
  10. I did thanks, Girl In Rainbows... it was the most excited I've been about a live gig since I was a teenager! (and believe me, that was a long, long time ago) ;P Yeah you're right, if memory serves, it WAS during Ideoteque that Thom yelled at Jonny, haha. But it didn't seem to phase him - those two have a wonderful working relationship And yes, Smiley Ed looked very relaxed and comfortable up there Now I just want to do it all over again... oh well, maybe in another 8 years
  11. After years of waiting... I finally saw Radiohead live!!!... at Brisbane Entertainment Centre gig on Friday Nov 9. The band exceeded all my expectations - but the crowd was a bit of a puzzle, I have to admit. I wasn't sure if their utter stillness signified rapt adoration with the genius we collectively call "Radiohead" or some sort of disappointment/disconnection with a set-list comprised mostly of TKOL/post-OKC material. Sure, the band got a rousing response at the end of each song, but during the actual performances themselves there was a distinct lack of cheering and waving, or singi
  12. @ *Aisfle* Haven't yet listened to this cover yet - but I also subscribe to Micah's channel and love his original stuff. Incidentally, his name has come up in this forum a few times before.
  13. I didn't say they HAD complained... I was basically saying that (even if there IS some similarity between the two works) Led Zeppelin would be hypocritical/foolish if they tried to sue Radiohead since Zep themselves have copped countless - often largely founded - allegations of plagiarism and actual lawsuits by other artists.
  14. ^ This. Excellent reasoning btw. ^ For similar reasons I may also choose Street Spirit or There There.
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