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  1. I don't really follow any individual artists that closely anymore, I usually wait and see what the community thinks and then dive in later. I'm also usually preoccupied listening to what I already have planned out for me. I have about 132 hours of music to listen to before I get around to Radiohead, in the middle of that is a mix and a couple of albums to review on another community I'm a part of. An average of 5.5 hours a day going through that playlist sounds about right.
  2. Yeah, I plan to hear it maybe around the end of the first week of June.
  3. I really don't think there's much more to it than an aggregate of the views of the writers, who might have been talking about/hyping those albums amongst themselves. One of them posts on AtEase and said that none of the writers were passionate about The King of Limbs. I wish they still posted individual lists so this would be more transparent.
  4. Here's a tentative plan: v0.1 - initial (current) draft acts 1, 2, 3: third-person omniscient act 4: newspaper report act 5: third-person limited v0.2 - sort out POV and dialogue discrepancies, remove filter words from act five (v0.2.5 - I might remove references to and quotations from IRL movies and replace them with fictitious ones) v0.3 - provide more motivation for how each character behaves (usually means more scenes) v0.4 - rewrite dialogue (v0.4.5 - I might try something ambitious with some of the monologues, inspired by Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!, but I'm not sure it'll wor
  5. Maybe someday. The initial draft of the novel is done, but it needs a lot of work before I can be happy with it. If I'm ever happy with it, I might try to self-publish.
  6. I won 50150 words http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/the-pelican-maze
  7. I hit a snag in the last week where I went a few days without writing anything, but I broke 35k earlier without much trouble which puts me back on course. If I do well I should break 40k by the end of tomorrow. I think what I have really will be just over 50000 words long, but it would be a 0.1 version (so to speak). It has a few credibility issues and some serious stylistic ones I should clear up first. Then I have to decide what to emphasise, what to add, and if I ever come up with a complete 1.0 version of the whole thing it'll definitely be a good deal over 50k, maybe over 70k.
  8. I think of it like this: If it doesn't really fit in any particular "genre", being an amalgamation of different things or its own things, it's either "mainstream" or "literary". If it's plot-driven, it's mainstream. If the reader's supposed to take something away from it other than the plot and the twists (such as the themes or some message or the writing style) it's literary. There are lots of meanings of "literary", but this one seems to fit the spirit of the community the best.
  9. You're off to a good start! More than 3400 words in a day.
  10. I'm going to try to write an outline first to help me out with writing without feeling directionless. I've already written out a sketch, I just have to elaborate on it a bit more.
  11. http://www.nanowrimo.org/ Write a novel at least 50000 words in length by the end of November, starting November 1. If you succeed, you can tick off one of your lifetime goals of writing a novel. At least, I don't think I'll have a better opportunity for doing this in a good while. Is anyone else going to try this out?
  12. This thread is hilarious and if the OP is a troll, I salute him/her.
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