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  1. I think Radiohead is partly to blame for this because of their lack of presence. In the past, they would always stay connected by posting cryptic and creative things. They did keep our attention for a couple of long years during the lull between HTTT and In Rainbows and that was pretty fascinating. Whether the album was years away, we had something to keep us busy with but now Radiohead official site is a boring mess. They aren't even trying anymore. All we have left is Thom complaining about this or that on his twitter account and Stanley promoting whatever art project he has going on
  2. Do you still have the will and energy left to muster up any excitement for it? Do you anticipate it? It's just not there for me anymore. I've been there anticipated each new albums up until AMSP but LP10, I just don't feel it. You know how it is when we wait for information about a new Radiohead album. Every little thing that comes out of the wood work. We would eat it up regarding a new Radiohead album. It's gone. Days gone by. It's not the same anymore. Frankly, it's not fun anymore. It feels sad and lonely actually that we're at the end of Radiohead's lifespan. And it's not r
  3. I would say any T-Shirts that came from the Kid A era. Those were the best and very hard to find nowadays. So if you have a Radiohead T-Shirt that were purchased during the Kid A era, consider it super rare.
  4. I remember the bustling days of Radiohead fandom where everyone was starting up some kind of Radiohead fansites in the early to mid 2000's. Of course the big two were Green Plastic and At Ease (no longer active). And then there were smaller sites like Follow Me Around(No longer active) And too many other numerous ones to list that are either gone, or just sitting there like Treefingers.com like ghost town. If you want to see an eerie website, go to Treefingers.com. It is still up after all these years and the last update was in March of 2006. The message board was overrun by bots and
  5. Joey Waronker is touring with Roger Waters? Can you imagine the awkwardness and the conversation they're both having after each show. Roger: Joey, how's it like being in a band with that egotistical dip shit Thom? Joey: Umm... Roger: Do you agree with his stance on Palestine and siding with the Jews? Joey: Uhhhh, ummmmm....Roger, I ...uhhh Roger: It's okay, you can speak your mind. Thom Yorke is a douche bag. Joey: Ahhh, ummm....uhhh... Roger: Why are you in his band anyway? Joey: Ummmm...uhhhh... Roger: OK Computer is a great album but I only like three songs off of it. Joey:
  6. Radiohead sounds absolutely nothing like R.E.M. Thom just happens to be a good friend of Michael Stipe and that is all.
  7. It's not going to sound like that on the album because Radiohead will turn it into some electronic trickery. I love the Banjo and the organic sound of the song. I want an Organic Radiohead album where it's full on just live sounding without any studio trickery. I wish Radiohead were more into releasing an acoustic/live version of their songs in addition but I can't fault them for not wanting to. That live version without all the drunken hollering of Gagging Order was so damn warm and beautiful. Why can't Nigel or somebody capture that in soundboard quality and release it. I wo
  8. I wonder if this particular part of the highway will now be recognized as an iconic structure. This is such a random and weird discovery. It's like one in a million isn't it really?.
  9. I feel like too much weight was added behind this idea that one our greatest living band of our generation is out there supporting apartheid or some shit just because they happened to be one our greatest living band of this generation. Same shit would have applied to The Beatles should they have to go play somewhere where the political climate of that country was in a toss up. Radiohead playing in Israel is not the same as Radiohead playing in front of a crowd of Hitler and his armies. I believe Radiohead are playing for their fans that just happens to live inside a country where ther
  10. The amount of hate toward Tinker is Sacrilege but hey, it's such a good album, no matter where any of the songs end up, they're all good.
  11. 17 Years spent on a Radiohead message board. 17 years spent as a fan. My RH fandom is about to graduate high school next year. What about you guys. Isn't this nuts. Hey, how soon before we start reaching Led Zepp/Pink Floyd territory or are we already there? Radiohead still relevant. Are they consider geezer rock now or do we have another good ten years away.
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