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  1. Pablo Honey only sucks for like, a Radiohead album tbh
  2. I did some research and it turns out he was and so were a bunch of other rock stars in the 70's. Apparently though, it's totally okay to have sex with 12-14 year old girls because "they look older!" and "they wore makeup!" and "what man would possibly turn them down?"
  3. Irene


    It's a website for PHOTOGRAPHY and u upload them and follow ur friends and stuff like that I made one forever ago and then deleted it and made a new one sometime last year I think? https://www.flickr.com/photos/igeiger/ this is mine I am not v good at photography. But mostly I want to see everyone else's pictures :3
  4. Irene


    Looking at photographs from other countries, particularly ones in like, Europe or Asia, are kinda weird, because on one hand, a lot of it is similar to scenes that I am used to, but on the other you have all these hella old buildings and shit and it's just like, mind-blowing.
  5. Irene


    There is no thread with "flickr" in the title BUT THERE IS NOW who has a flickr account/can I add u tbh?
  6. Does it have to be a person or can it be an animal
  7. Apparently people you block from sending you PMs can still send you PMs, because I got one from someone I blocked from sending them.
  8. Being in not-Australia, we can watch TV shows as they air
  9. Something about this is hilarious to me
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