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  1. also you'd be surprised how many people who went to my high school drowned two from my class and one younger One of them id seen once in a bar within a year or so of this and played poker with him
  2. I wasn't particularly digging it but instead of shutting it off I decided to skip through a bit and I ended up digging the freakout bit from just afte the three minute mark love the cover also wtf "My final album of 2016" why so many albums per year?
  3. hey i liked that part does kinda remind me of an allen ginsberg-type cadence, in a way second song i had a harder time making out the vocals, felt like the keyboard and percussion kinda took over, tho the vocals did come out a bit more towards the middle. I liked the idea of the song but the execution less so, keep it up!
  4. I enjoyed these in particular I find it fascinating that I can enjoy your compositions so much when I am also sometimes incredibly put off by your temporary posting habits, like using "ye" all the time which I hear in my head something like this fully acknowledge that you can post how you want and mainly just fascinated by my own brain's aversion to what I assume is your quirky spelling of "yeah" and I think you can take it!! Hugh don't ever change
  5. nice, i enjoyed this, would be interested in hearing your czech songs too
  6. you keep mentioning a playlist where can i find this playlist
  7. i like that. the guitar line in particular is quite beautiful. agree with one commenter that i kind of wish the vocals weren't so muddy but i guess that's what you were going for, keep it up <3
  8. purdyyy man I love the atmosphere of these. the first one has such an expectant quality like some people were just there but they've stepped out of the room for a moment and will be right back. second is extremely tranquil, and third is just a bit eerie ahh that first one is magical squirrel is hilarious great moment in midair, butterfly is just stunning
  9. It's my impression that they all think he's fucking insane and that thread is just like continuously marveling at how clueless he is about everything...? mixed with trying to give sincere advice about the fact that they think he's being taken advantage of by people he pays a decent amount of money to in connection with his project, and making fun of the fact that he sincerely thinks that his band is offering a specific brand of "darkish indie" or something that no one has ever heard anywhere else.... so like yeah maybe they are listening to his music but i wouldn't be jealous of that thre
  10. rose

    My paintings

    very cool dig the varying stylez
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