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  1. i think pearly as a love song is indicative of that stereotype of bad british teeth being kinda true (not really, dont beat me up)
  2. killin it..esp the train platform photo is so ~poignant
  3. of course they're not planning to cancel, and doubt they care, because if they did, there wouldn't be any israel shows to begin with. very cynical of them.
  4. this was extremely touching. i do hope radiohead see this, even if cancelling the israel shows at this point would cause a huge shitstorm. i remember talking about this to ayi and how disappointing it felt to see them make the choice to tour there. thanks for posting the video : )
  5. some recent ones. dunno why i only feel brave enough to do street photography abroad... upload image
  6. lmao however i feel about tkol i didnt want to see a single more sec of that video after i saw that ranking
  7. not to be that guy, i usually don't like over saturation but the first photo is kind of how the world looks like on shrooms..love them all tbh and you live in some kind of paradise..
  8. i love palo alto because of meeting people is easy i guess, but it's great in a very minor way yeah
  9. yeah ayi and i talked about this and thought how the comments on mt will be saddening
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