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  1. because he started honking! it's where it all began.
  2. I don't agree. You can definintely hear some magic starting to happen in this live-take alone, if you can't then i can't help you.. it has a very folksy/velvet underground feel to it, but it's actually well established, even at that point in time.. i can defintely hear something great in it and i don't just like everything they release. for instance i find pulk, gloaming, feral etc boring attempts at experimental songs..(leave it to boards of canada or autechre to do that stuff, they do it better). i'd take this over those album tracks any damn day as it's a memorable song.
  3. I love this song!! It has a magic about it, even in it's simpler moments. it has a very unique groove about it. I can imagine them really amplifying, adding some electronic effects/beats, the bass/drum interactions and Jonny's banjo for something very special.
  4. They were really onto something with the Amnesiac b-sides, a fusion of their live/band dynamic and their more creative-experimental direction that worked quite well indeed.. that's just me though
  5. That's why i like the subreddit, it's essentially replaced forums, and MT & Ateaseweb are ghost towns these days.. MT & Ateaseweb were very popular from 2000-2011 .. i like that it's not gen-chat clique mentality as well, being an introvert, which there are actual sub-reddits for that, things like banter and many other topics and humour sub-reddits.. reddit is awesome.
  6. It sounds almost exactly the same as Pinkpop only breathes a bit more... it's not like you got a mumbling bleepy bloop version of it mang.. cheer up..
  7. that is awesome!!! i think now people can include stuff like lift/man o war/i promise/early big ideas/MPS/CUTW trip-hop version/burn the witch/daydreaming/spectre and so on...
  8. some of you are so insufferable and annoyingly fickle about it all, i'd say you're overhtinking it. i'm not even an optimist for the most part and.... Lift - Compared to pinkpop this song is a bit slower on the BPM, it slowly marches along nicely and the notes have more space to breathe with the guitars noodling along well, it's a very relaxing version and also raw like how nirvana or pavement used to approach recording live takes, the synths and strings climb a lot more than the pinkpop version here, very nice! It wouldn't have been as exciting to just hear a replica of Pinkpop, but t
  9. why has dark side of the moon remained relevant after 50 years?? it's because bands sometimes make great records that hit the right notes and time is then transcended.
  10. dated is subjective to taste, many bands can release a song with guitars and it can be labelled "dated" or not, i mean i could say the same thing about electronic music and just relate it to an early 90s BoC EP or Apex Twin early 90s, but i don't.... i think it's a redundant argument in music to be honest as so many old and new styles are used anyway these days......
  11. It's better than alright mang, it's superb, like a fine wine, and I drank that wine!
  12. you seem stressed about it, I've just been playing the songs and enjoying it, there are probably some re-edits and stuff, cool , but i'm just living in the now and enjoying the songs.
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