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  1. i wanna see some hannah drawings!
  2. hazel st doing business as sunday evening
  3. janel, is it too late to post and be embedded? i love these
  4. I've not been to that place yet though I'm right next to Northern liberties
  5. Oh wow cool crab I can come and see in Philadelphia
  6. what's the most effective way to locate and purchase a somewhat hard to find guitar? do i sit, hand on refresh of usual websites, letting my conscience interfere with lists of better ways to spend saved $$?
  7. that is righteous. when did you do that?
  8. i think something did get effed up but I DON'T CARE
  9. depends on timeframe, i got nuthin recorded on this comp at the moment
  10. the fact that this thread exists when there is a show in camden...
  11. i'll go if jilly pays for me
  12. sunday evening


    ggreen is wonderful crab4ever
  13. cool i just saw this on a m u s i c b l o g a few seconds ago. since it's you i'll pay for it
  14. interesting things i want to share... my brain turns to mush
  15. (i've actually studied year s of tha stuff)
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