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  1. congrats, kyri...proud of ya. it's been awhile, but i love you bro
  2. yeah, until she has to kiss that mangled mouth
  3. I answered with songs I'd like to see personally...I'm aware many of them have been done before, I just wasn't around to see it. btw, if you've only heard a live version of In Limbo, check this bad boy out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yPBDMWc7S8 (may I bring to your attention those amazing echo-y accents jonny adds during the chorus between notes? craziness.)
  4. Personally, I think Pulk/Pull would be AH-MAZING live. Imagine a drum setup similar to There There...downtuned and muted tom-toms, maybe. It could be a real drumming exercise, Jonny Ed and Phil going at it hella heavy. And Thom's just there going "...there are doors that lock and doors that don't, doors that let you in and out, but never open..." Fuckin rad. Also, I'd like to see: The Amazing Sounds of Orgy In Limbo Pearly* Paperbag Writer Exit Music Polyethylene Rabbit In Your Headlights would be sick, too. Anything from TKOL, but well unless i get hit by a mack truck b
  5. I'm either gonna submit a cover of "Backsliding" or "Dollars & Cents."
  6. hey any deadlines pass for this yet?
  7. d'aww thanks for posting this, berserk I still pop in every now and again, sometimes as shake and more often as wmb. hardly ever post though...how've you been?
  8. s'ok this intrigues me. do you know if this effect occurs when song are synced to ipods/phones? or is it just during computer playback?
  9. if that were it I wouldn't be confused. if you have any tips/sites/references that would help me "become more educated" it would be more than welcome.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/?ydnmyzmwwtz i found it through blogspot. if you google site:blogspot.com and then whatever you're looking for, usually whoever blogs about the album provides a link
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