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  1. Oh yeha, someone on a bike, HOW FUNNY IS THAT.
  2. So, what's soo special about this kids ? thom's a superstar and so he can't ride bike liek everyone ? i prefere see him on this crap stuff than a big huge and ugly frerrari car.
  3. LOL was thinking the same stuff dude. Anyway i'm sick of seeing "whats your favourite" "mothafucktrack vs mothafucktrack" "if radiohead would have done" lalalallaa and all that shit. God damn it, get a life guys.
  4. Hell no, The Eraser is a fine album, quickly you know, even thought there's great idea of sing, it's not great and not open at all, it would be a very bad radiohead album, too much kid a, amnesiac style.
  5. okay i might ask my last request, please can someone upload those : the bends live @ jools holland 95 (thx bigboots, but mpeg would be better) Karma police live@ letterman 97 creep live @ beach house 94 please.. just those, and i will ask no more.. just please
  6. Bigbootz.. I love you.. really... Thanks mate (but the bends in mpeg would be soo much better! please..)
  7. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EKBVBV93 (can someone upload me national anthem at SNL and the bends at Jools Holland, please ?!)
  8. I always thought saying this is stupid and senseless, loving a band is not a fight, we all love radiohead at the same point, some people just enjoy their album, some other people take all the bootlegs, but it dosen't change a big difference for the love of the band, we don't need to fight to say who's number one cause there's no number one, we just all love them.
  9. Bigbootz, if you could just cut off "Paranoid Android" from the belfort concert and put in on yousendit or megaupload, that would just soo fine. If anyone still have videos from my request PLEASE UPLOAD IT!! here are the one left that i need : Radiohead - Karma Police (Live @ Letterman) - Video Radiohead - Kid A (Live @ The Eurock
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