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  1. Yeah, those are A3 lino prints. A bitch to make!
  2. I've had a very productive phase in the last 2-3 months, but now i am on decline again. I've met some cool like-minded people though, so perhaps I'll feel better soon.
  3. Martha, I am not sure about fruitpeople, but thanks for liking my stuff.
  4. I don't have a list, no, sorry, but perhaps take a look at my portfolio and see if you like anything on there? http://www.mediafire.com/file/5artdoc2moc9cdk/portfolio1.pdf Plus all the stuff on the artflakes website. We can discuss prices after you decide on the size of your print!
  5. Let's see how many lines you'll need to draw an orange that is still recognisable as one. I'll have a good laugh.
  6. Just to keep you guys up to date.
  7. Actually, it turned out that they aren't very good at paying this money out, so I'd rather you bought from me directly. I still can't collect that other payment.
  8. Twins by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr Coventry Transport Museum by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr Sam by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr
  9. This is all film by the way, guys. If you want, ask questions!
  10. 28970001 by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr 28970007 by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr 28970010 by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr 28970016 by Olga Sinodova, on Flickr
  11. depends on the size you want it in! smallish, A4? £5 print, £2 shipping. A3? £7 print, £2 shipping. Bigger? Discuss.
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