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  1. no, i liked the slower bridge. the line about a bowl of glue especially. i'm talking about after it speeds back up and you sing the chorus again, an instrumental jam following the last words. idk, it just seemed like it would be a natural release.
  2. these are both solid tunes, but blah blah blues is definitely the standout. the hook in the chorus got me for sure. some good lyrics on there too, although you could maybe work on singjng them clearer, seeing as how they are important to the songs, because sometimes the words get muddled. i agree that bbb would sound good with a full band. this is just an opinion/idea, but after the last chorus i pictured the song chugging along instrumentally for a little bit, instead of that slowdown stop you have in there.
  3. omgi get two completely different awesome feelings from these
  4. i used to always do stereo mixes, throwing tracks all over the place left n right, hard panning, double tracking in seperate ears, and everything. then i switched to a single track recording style which was obviously mono. now i'm back to multitracking, but i'm sticking with the mono method. to me it just sounds more together, or solid, or live, or something. thoughts? what do you do? what would you do? what is marc summers doing?
  5. he made a thread for his music, it's around here somewhere
  6. goddamn, thanks for so many words. i was in a bad mood yesterday, so that's why i was being snappy. anyway i'm glad you gave it such a close and thorough listen. my stuff means a lot to me and therefore it means a lot to me when people show it respect and give it time. thanks, you made me smile.
  7. ok i got more to say, kafka. the lyrics are v important. this album hinges on them. so yeah maybe you weren't listening enough. idk what i'm supposed to take away from the energy comment. i wrote Fear of Sucess when i was 23, burned out stoned riding my bike all day no child no serious job, i mean wtf? i'm 28 now and my life is completely different. i've made 2 lps and 3 eps since then. it's like wanting Radiohead to write The Bends again.
  8. risks? seriously? 90% this album is super straightforward. you are a good songwriter, tj, but i gotta be honest i can't enjoy the vocals. i get no feeling out of them. i can't connect. like a couple other people said, these songs would sound better with more layers. while they are well structured and interesting enough melodically, i don't find enough variation in tge guitar playing to keep my interest locked. my favorite parts were all of the ones where another instrument was added. these tracks are well recorded. they sound live like i'm hearing them at a bar or whatever. that's
  9. woah hi kakfa yes i have gotten older and more stressed out since those days
  10. sorry igg i hate myself lately --> no way i can submit
  11. i got some stuff down now. i will edit it a bit and have it ready shortly.
  12. im gonna record w my iphone probably so dont sweat it box
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