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  1. Does No Surprises. I think she's gorgeous...and actually thought she did a decent job of ysabella-ing the song up.
  2. I just found out it's commercially avail. Sorry. SOMEONE PM IT TO ME PLZ??
  3. Will someone PLEASE tell me what is with all of these sigs with Ed saying racist stuff? I'm sure it's some kind of MT joke.. But I just want to make sure.
  4. Will someone please YSI IWNOT? I would be eternally grateful. You have no idea.. Bryan..if you so much as say a word...
  5. If you had the talent and muzikal skillz...which songs would you most fancy singing cover to? Mine would have to be: Any of Christine Daae's parts in "Phantom of the Opera" "What Hurts The Most" - Rascall Flatts "Goodbye My Lover" - James Blunt
  6. I can only see it in the "viewing all forums" window.. Or in the "recently posted by tchockoholic" thing.. WHAT THE HELL!?
  7. I can't see any of my threads... Wtf?!
  8. upload plzzz??? I'm seriously deperate. My computer ate my music files..
  9. Nude Big Ideas Big Ideas (Don't get any) Exactly how many versions are there? PS: I like the one where he says "She kisses you with tongues and pulls you to the bed"..if anyone could upload it I would be sooooo grateful. Thanks ladies and gents.
  10. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=84522546
  11. I want the image of the guy and girl sipping and chatting to come back.. instead of the really mad looking guy and girl. I'm talking about the logo, of course. Who's with me? Happy couple, or angry couple??
  12. Polyethylene Pt 1&2 ...I'd kill for this track. Please and thank you very very incredibly much.
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