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  1. just finished recording a new song. myspace.com/theluckiestraptor its called i talked to the devil, and it's worth a listen.
  2. any suggestions? i only good to great things about them, but they must have some kind of competition in their price range!?
  3. i'm looking for a couple mics to record an upright piano. the advice i have been getting from online sources is that i should go with the AKG c1000's; mostly because they fit into a realistic price range and they have a great reputation. anyone here have experience with other microphones on a piano? (with a 200-300 USD price range). or maybe it's worth paying a little extra for higher quality? ?????????????????
  4. pop/psych myspace.com/theluckiestraptor
  5. not the best compostiton, but i love the way the light looks!
  6. the lighthouse picture is a beauty. it's got most of my favorite colors
  7. i've ot someof these, awsome contribution though, thanks! do you have any idiotheque from this tour?
  8. i just saw this while i was down and thought that no one commented on them. thank you very much bamm.
  9. most of them sound better in the studio. i personally prefer the live gloaming though. also i might be wrong is a bit better live because that guitar line is so damn deliberate and enya face. the songs sometimes have more "energy" live, but they don't sound as great.
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