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  1. the flow of the album seems to be going so well and then AH! suddenly, it takes a very, very dark turn leaves you wondering
  2. you're a pretty good photographer
  3. very much like it cindy also tap/picked very awesome photos
  4. that's actually a p cool idea
  5. i want to know foppe's idea this thread, through severeal posts, reminded me of an idea i had to create a play about MT through MT and by using accounts as characters, avatars their faces and caste. lo, i am a radiohead fan plebist of the plebs i don't think i'm good enough though
  6. i have allow's info want me to see if he'll do a couple interviews?
  7. haha yeah that pitcher plant was the caterpillars house of cards! yeah
  8. it might not even be TC could be one of his cunning foes
  9. do you realize how utterly retarded that was?
  10. because his posts are over your head? beyond your understanding? do they baffle you? confuzzle you? generally speaking, are they totally mindfuckingingly amazing?
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