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  1. If you have a torrent client than use one of these, it worked for me. Youve just gotta single it out amongst all the other stuff: http://tracker.zerotracker.com:2710/announce udp://tracker.zerotracker.com:2710/announce http://tracker.sladinki007.net:6500/announce
  2. off topic: What do you think about file sharing/piracy? A crime, or benefficial to the music biz? I'm really interested in what someone like you would think. If you really are Rick Ruben that is.
  3. Your problem is you don't know how to fucking spell
  4. Can you imagine if radiohead did an album in collaboration with Steve Vai? FUUUUUUUUUCK
  5. the city i live in, victoria bc, is sometimes called garden city.....
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