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  1. he was swimming in rio, while i was probably getting drunk since this apparently happened on my birthday 2 years ago. and this classic
  2. i dont listen to radiohead as much as i use to, but i still listen to a few tracks here and there...nothing pre OKC other than the acoustic version of "You" and Street Spirit. I think i might go through a Radiohead revival soon over the summer since i haven't given a single cd a full listen through for about two years now.
  3. That movie was so bad...but yeah Talk Show Host and Exit Music allowed me to enjoy that film when i was a wee lil' chum.
  4. heres a new one, sent me a pm today i guess: XandderrMan
  5. Harrison Burgeon To sound all literary and Kurt lovin.
  6. I love Thom but he is really naive to think that anything was gonna get done...at least to the extent he wants it done. That post by him annoyed me.
  7. Hes stated many times before that he has to keep himself busy musically. With Radiohead's members being a lot older and having families now--including himself--he probably has to find other outlets to get his other ideas out of his mind. Wondering when Jonny will compose for another film too.
  8. I completely agree, those 4 songs are the only ones worth anything on the album.
  9. nice nice song...like the singing voice in this song. Makes me want to listen to Joy Division.
  10. I feel like I'm in the middle of a JJ Abrams internet viral.
  11. I just had to come back to comment on this when i heard it. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laugh my FUCKING ass OFF! wow....what a dumb bitch.
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