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  1. hannah if you ever wanna pm poems id be happy to read yours
  2. @hugh i like your poems when they are fast like that
  3. no invite i got your message & felt like i needed to have my mom come pick me up please don’t do this don’t describe
 the places your ass has been lying makes the hands tingle, oh god 
 you catered to a block 
 that we pretended to dismiss
 the clouds in my safe
 only appear if it is your idea hey, unhealthy, go away 
you make only my angry good i was riding high upon a shadow
 til your gods attended 
 breakfast in my garden
  4. i'm having a hard time writing poems right now but, some day i might
  5. color


    but yeah if i said i'd send it and never did i will not charge you
  6. color


    seriously who did i forget to send this to? feel bad cos liz paid for one when she totes didn't have to pm'd marcos um anyway if anyone else wants this is FOR SALE now because, because https://www.etsy.com/listing/165942373/small-mountains?
  7. here are some poems i already posted elsewhere QUESTION what’s it called when you feel bad for deriving pleasure from being with people? what’s it called when i tell myself you just forgot? what’s it like when you don’t notice sunburnt legs til you try on jeans? what’s it like to be pieces of too many aesthetics stuffed in a jar? what’s the deal with every day ending in night? what’s the deal with every night ending with day? what’s it going to be like when something new grows? what’s it going to be like when everyone is made of sequins? what’s it called when you forget how to make mistake
  8. this is v good and confusing and thick and hearty, (minestrone soup poem) i'm happy about it
  9. AW FUCK well if the urge to hold your own words in your hands overcomes you then just send me somethin somethin anything
  10. hey goose do you wanna be in my poetry anthology thingy i am doing if so please submit to me @ jmkeystroke@gmail.com accepting any 'experimental' poems and short stories deadline july one thank you
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