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    There There, PA, Exit music... what? only one to pick?
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  1. Hi, I was there yesterday evening, perfect setlist, nice crowd and atmosphere and Thom's Safety Goggle's during Bangers and Mash was hilarious!
  2. hey guys I'm looking for that picture of Thom Yorke and Christ martin, where Thom looks extremely bored and there's a greaet punchline written under it... anyone has it? thanks in advance.
  3. most likely fucking us over by posting pictures of their jokmes, making us wander about the next record. We saw Thom playing every instrument (drum, bas, guitar, vocal) and those kinda stuff. I think they had their jokes and now everybody is mjust: OK, LP7, whatever bout those pics!
  4. To be honest i think its pretty cool...
  5. I'm gonna practise the timing!
  6. Can anyone tell me when i can hear the kids in the song? Edit: Nevermind It's kinda cool. I think this song could be the best of the album.
  7. Ok, when do you think it's gonna be out? any news on it allready?
  8. *silently waits untill the complete Soap Opera is copied-pasted* srsly that stuff was for insiders, and was great. No really.
  9. It was my fav RH song. Still like it, but it doersnt compare to other genius songs, imho.
  10. I Picked up Bodysong about a week ago, and i was suprised to find out no info about that (kick-ass artwork though) There was indeed some string arrangments, but they said they appeared on only 2 tracks, and that colin appeared on 11, i thought, but nothing more. Is Jonny indeed this multi-instrumental? I asked myself that question all bodysong long. Kickass music, especially like the song with the jazz-bassguitar-esqure playing, which is amazing.
  11. with his evil son taping everything he sung and uploading it as we speak...
  12. 10 pounds for the one who knocks Thom over, steals the CD and uploads it!
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