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  1. bump. i'm not ready to put this thread to sleep yet.
  2. i wish your art was more popular. i wish my new album thread had more replies, the big collapse has it beat by almost three times as many replies. i wish more people would post in kafka's new album thread coz it's immense.
  3. great great album man. your other stuff is really good, but man, this kind of blows a lot of it out of the water. as i said before, my favourites are pretty young thing, i'm on your side and please. you've got the rocker to ballad ratio down spot on.
  4. i love that feeling that you get when you're like 'holy shit, this is more or less finished'.
  5. downloaded successfully! listening now.
  6. wicked, wish me luck with the download!
  7. if music was people, radiohead would be like my mother or something. it's got to a point where i don't know reasons, i just think their music is great and it's kind of like an unconditional love thing.
  8. microphone, audacity, and if you're feeling fancy, flstudio.
  9. it should go where fitter happier is.
  10. i can't believe you put in three songs from ok computer, none from the bends, and only one from httt and in rainbows.
  11. one of the best shows i've ever seen. made the 2006 show seem like nothing.
  12. did go to sleep have gagging order on it?
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